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2024 Speakers

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Date Name Subject
09/01/2024 Andrew Rowe Secrets of the headteacher's office.
23/01/2024 AGM
06/02/2024 Lawrie Holman Crisis Management and Leadership
20/02/2024 Alan Eastwood Local Breweries
05/03/2024 Carole Codd Anecdotes of a Registrar
19/03/2024 Eric Lupton Musical World of John Mercer
02/04/2024 Chris Goswami AI and Social Care
16/04/2024 Frank Dean The Comedians
30/04/2024 Neil Wilson Antarctica
14/05/2024 Alan Ryder Printing in Another Dimension
28/05/2024 John Hooley Royal Yacht Britannia & Predecessors
11/06/2024 john Kerwin White Slaves
25/06/2024 Rob Mason More Comic Folk Songs
09/07/2024 Clive Brookes Robert Smith Barry of Marbury
23/07/2024 Geoff Scargil Edward Elgar,the real enigma
06/08/2024 Eddie Tarry Styal Prison
20/08/2024 Gary Conley My life at The Manor - mining memories
03/09/2024 John Boyd Confessions of an Immigration Judge
17/09/2024 Norman Nuttall Teenage Memories + Northern Humour
01/10/2024 Bill Durose Growing up in the 50's
15/10/2024 Graham Rowe Video/Audio Presentation
29/10/2024 David Maidment The Railway Children
12/11/2024 Peter Durnall Getting Close to Nature continued
26/11/2024 Keith Stevens Lie & Damn Lies
10/12/2024 Stan Hancock End of Year Quiz
24/12/2024 No Meeting